Picorays Inc. has strong background and experience in spectral measurement, spectral signal processing & analyses. Spectral measurements include UV, VIS, NIR and IR or FTIR. For above mentioned methods, the calibration and validation data sets are produced for any applications. The solutions are produced for your applications.

Statistical analyses include the following methods.

1- Basic STATS, variance, average, mean, median, mode, RMSE, SEC, SEP, Anova etc.

2- Regression Analyses, Linear and Nonlinear Regression Analyses, Multiple Regression Analyses, Stepwise Multiple Regression Analyses, and more etc.

3- Principal Component Analysis (PCA),

4- Partial Least Square (PLS) Analysis,

5- Factor Analysis,

6- Artificial Neural Networks (ANN),

7- Discriminant Analysis,

8- Canonical Analysis,

9- Cluster Analysis,

10- Spatial Analysis, etc.

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Spectral Signal Examples:

Spectral Signal
UV Focused Spectral Signal
Correlation Coefficient Spectra
Standard Deviation Spectra